about us

about us

Pharmaquipe – Manufacturing Health Supplements Since 2008

Pharmaquipe are one of the UK’s leading nutraceutical and supplement contract manufacturer. We are dedicated to supplying businesses of all sizes and budgets with the highest quality nutraceutical products, vitamins and dietary supplements.

nutraceutical manufacturer UK
nutraceutical manufacturer UK

We are also able to offer a true one-stop solution for all of your supplement manufacturing requirements. We provide supplement packaging and label design advice, and we also offer advice and guidance on dietary supplement formulation and development.

Established in 2008, Pharmaquipe Ltd was set up as a successful nutraceutical company i.e. a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements that could provide a quick turnaround for orders of 50, 000 or more, providing smaller businesses and those just starting out with a viable and affordable route into the industry.

Nutraceutical research and development

Our knowledge and expertise of the latest trends in nutraceutical research and development, combined with years of experience as a leading supplement manufacturer, will help your product stand out from the crowd. In addition, our high-quality manufacturing facilities and rigorous testing processes ensures that the products you receive from us exceed all expectations.

nutraceutical manufacturer UK

Listed below are a few of the key reasons why Pharmaquipe is the nutraceutical and supplement manufacturer of choice:

  • Speed – We provide quick turnaround times regardless of order size. High-speed tablet and encapsulation machines produce uniform supplements to your exact specifications.
  • Price – Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, and our successful partnership with some of the UK’s largest raw material suppliers enables us to cut costs and pass on that saving to you. This in turn allows our customers to price their products competitively and compete in virtually any market; and
  • Quality – We are one of the most trusted and well-respected supplement manufacturers in the industry. Our customers trust us as their nutraceutical, vitamin and supplement manufacturer because we minimize risks by monitoring, documenting, analysing and testing every aspect of our manufacturing process.

If you would like to view Pharmaquipe’s certificates or testing procedures, please visit our Manufacturing Certifications or Supplement Testing & Analysis sections respectively.

More information on the type of products that Pharmaquipe manufactures can be found on Wikipedias Dietary Supplements page.

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