Supplement Manufacturing FAQ

Common Questions About Our Supplement Manufacturing Service

Q. What is the minimum run of supplement products you will manufacture?
A. The minimum order quantity for tablets and capsules is 50-100k depending on the complexity of the formulation, we can source softgels with relatively small MOQ’s. Please call 01622 808869 if you would like to speak to a Pharmaquipe product advisor to get more information. Alternatively, please send us an email via our Contact Form or request a quote via our Quote Form.

Q. Do you charge a manufacturing setup fee in addition to the prices you have quoted?
A. No, the prices that you were quoted include all manufacturing setup fees. To request a free, no obligation quote, please use our Quote Form and provide as much information about your food supplement as possible.

Q. In which format do you require artwork?
A. Adobe Illustrator (ai) files are preferred, however we also accept .psd, .pdf, .eps and .tif files. When submitting your label artwork please ensure that the resolution is set to 300 dpi or higher. If your artwork is of a lower resolution than 300 dpi we cannot guarantee the quality of print. Also, the source files will need to be unflattened (i.e. editable) if they require alteration.

Q. What supplement manufacturing certifications do you have?
A. All of our food supplements are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility which has been approved by HFMA. To arrange an appointment to view our factory and discuss your requirements, please call 01622 808869 or send us an email via our Contact Form.

Q. Do you offer supplement dropshipping or order fulfillment services?
A. No, unfortunately we do not offer any dropshipping or order fulfillment services. Therefore you are responsible for shipping your nutraceutical supplements to your customers.

Q. Do you offer a standard range of off-the-shelf supplements?
A. We do not currently offer a standard range of off-the shelf supplements due to the individual requirements of each customer. However, we do have a database of standard formulations that can be used as a base for your private label food supplements.

Q. Do you have a product catalogue?
A. No, as we manufacture to order we do not have a catalogue of finished dietary supplements or any other tablet, capsule or softgel product.