Nutraceutical manufacturing machinery

Below is one example of the latest, state of the art capsule filling machines that we use.

AF-90 T Automatic Capsule Filling Machine.


AF 90 T. Execute large batches with lesser change-over time.

The AF-90 T is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine that can fill a large variety of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules.

Output: 90,000 capsules per hour for powders

Filling: Powders I Pellets I Micro-tablets I Capsule

For multiple combination fillings, ask for CODE (Customized Oral Dosage Encapsulation) Series attachments.
CODE Series attachments can be retro-fitted (can be fitted later even after the AF machine is installed)

Salient features:
• Conforms to cGMP guidelines
• High filling accuracy due to precise slug dosing principle
• Better yield due to high filling accuracy and less powder wastage
• Partial filling capability (upto 25 mg) for any size of capsule from # 000 to 5
• Fills powder/ pellets/ tablets/ micro-tablets/ capsule in capsule
• Easy and quick capsule size and product changeover
• Easy to operate touch screen
• Machine control from main panel
• Auto shut off for any malfunction with audio-visual message display
• Filled capsule sorting
• ACG Pam Accura, an online, 100% check weigher can be integrated onto the machine and is optional
• For fluffy, sticky, heat sensitive non-slugforming and dry mixing formulations, the patented technology, ZRM variant – ZRO 90T is available.